hand stamped heart with melody ball necklace in Sterling Silver

hand stamped heart with melody ball necklace in Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver Melody Ball with a hand stamped heart initial charm.
A perfect gift for a mum to be or new mum.

What is a Harmony Ball:
Around 20 weeks gestation, babies begin to hear sound from outside the womb. As a baby grows (and so does an expectant mother’s bump!) you can shake against an expectant mother’s womb.It will emit a soft, melodic chime, similar to metal wind chimes bumping in the breeze. The baby will hear and become familiar with the bell chime of your harmony ball, and may find its sound comforting and reassuring once they make their entrance to the world. A harmony ball is beautiful way to encourage a bond and connection with your baby during pregnancy and beyond.


Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions: Melody Ball: 25mm, Heart 10mm
Chain Length: 16, 18, 20 or 22"


This will arrive in a beautifully embossed gift box with our BennyandMoo Logo on.


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