'You are my sunshine' ID Tag for dog with paw print charm, Pet ID

'You are my sunshine' ID Tag for dog with paw print charm, Pet ID


A unique ID tag for your fabulous furry friends. These can be personalised with the contact details on the back plate. A different take on the run of the mill tags.

The front plate is stamped with 'You are my sunshine'

Want your own wording on the front? You can choose the custom tag here: CUSTOM TAG 


In the UK now by law you must have a dog tag that contains the following:-

Contact number



and/ or house number


These will be added to the back plate (please see the picture. )You can have your dogs name in the middle of the back plate or a paw print/stars/hearts etc.

Please add the information on if you would like your dogs name (max 6 characters)


Each tag 32mm and 1.5 mm thick.

Front tag: Aluminium, Brass or Copper

Back plate: Aluminium, Brass or Copper

Attached: extra strong split rings


The text is hand stamped individually in our workshop in Lowton, Cheshire Tags is completely personalised and unique to you. You choose the wording. Add in the notes section what you would like written on the card.


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